Our Expertise

Mr. Rangan offers a broad scope of legal services

ranging from preliminary assistance to full end-to-end case management with paralegal advocacy representation in legal matters falling within the scope of services Authorized by Law Society of Ontario.

Some our services below

Small Claims Court

Claim up to $35,000

Mr. Rangan represents plaintiffs & defendants and can help with issues related to unpaid accounts and damages including damages due to breach of contract. Dealing with small claims court can be difficult without a legal expert by your side. Mr.Rangan can represent you and ensure you get justice.

Landlord tenant board

Mr. Rangan can advise and represent either tenants or landlords and guide them through the applicant/respondent process to a productive and successful final or interim decision. 

He can help negotiate, mediate, issue notices, draw tenancy agreements, and send notices. Other services include assistance in hearing, eviction prevention, and application filing.

Provincial Offenses

Provincial offenses can result in serious implications. Mr. Rangan can help you avoid legal troubles by helping you with speeding tickets, court appearances, and paperwork. Moreover, he offers legal advice and can request a trial.

Condominium Act

The Condo Act regulates and applies to all condo corporations in Ontario. Mr. Rangan ensures all requirements are met and can help you solve issues related to the condo

Success comes to those who fight for their rights. Don’t be bogged down by the legal procedures, just give us a call today and schedule a 30 minutes free consultation.