About Us

We are Vagans Legal Services

Sriram Rangan is a licensed paralegal committed to providing cost-effective, streamlined, and hassle-free paralegal services to businesses & individuals in Ontario.

At Vagans Legal Services, we know that the litigation journey is long and winding and we want to help you navigate it seamlessly. So with every case, we provide detailed case analysis, tailored paralegal services, and 30 minutes free consultation services.

Who Is Sriram Rangan?

Sriram Rangan Offers Tailored Legal Services for Individuals and Businesses in Ontario

Mr. Rangan holds a Bachelor’s degree and has over two decades of entrepreneurship experience in the field of transportation risk management. He became a licensed paralegal in 2015 after getting wrongly sued for over a million dollars by his ex-business partner. Mr. Rangan successfully navigated and won against a professional Bay street lawyer and decided to choose this as a career so he could help others.

He believes in integrity, honesty, and transparency, and started his Paralegal firm in 2015 with the intention to reach people who need legal help. He offers a variety of services in Ontario. Some of his specialized areas include Highway Traffic Act, Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB), Small Claims Court, and Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAT). In addition, Sriram Rangan provides appearance services for Tribunals Hearing & MTO Show Cause Hearings.

Mission & Obejective

His Mission: Help You Save Time and Money

Sriram Rangan is quick, affordable, and reliable. As a paralegal, Sriram Rangan understands the importance of time and will get to work right as you contact him. His aim is to protect the interest of his clients and ensure they get their desired results as quickly as possible.

With Sriram Rangan as your partner, you’ll have nothing to worry about. He will take care of everything from court hearings to red tape.

What makes us unique

Here’s What Makes This Paralegal-Client Relationship Unique

Mr. Rangan is your next door paralegal with the skills and expertise needed to handle any case. Plus, our staff members are also friendly, experienced, and available.

We use an online system that makes it easy to keep an eye on your case. You’ll receive the latest updates and have the option to activate notifications so that you don’t miss out on anything.

We put privacy first and offer discreet paralegal services at all times.

Sriram Rangan understands how complicated the legal situation can be and will go all out to make you feel at ease. Get in touch with him today to start a conversation or book a free consultation.